Raw Workshop

Join Chef Roxanne at a workshop on the benefits of a raw rood diet and learn about:

• The effects of heat and cooking on fats, micro-nutrients and enzymes

• The raw food groups

• Where you get your protein

• How to maintain your ideal weight

• How to adapt to a raw food diet

• How to make raw food prep easy

Chef Roxanne's resources and tools can help you prepare and eat delicious REAL foods — fresh, organic, vegetarian and maximally raw — the food your body was designed to assimilate. We offer group classes, products, personalized training and private chef services. To get you started, we invite you to sign up for the upcoming workshop (date the be announced). As a subscriber on our mailing list, you'll continue to receive new recipes and newsletters as well as notices about our classes.

Roxanne Gamory is a graduate of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, where she received her certification as a Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor. She is also a Life Coach and a Yoga Instructor. She believes that by bringing the three behaviors together can create for each of us, a higher consciousness. Roxanne is passionate about sharing the living foods lifestyle with others and now teaches raw culinary classes in Westchester and Connecticut.