About Roxanne

Roxanne_f-18Roxanne Gamory

Calabash Coaching Corporation Founder and CEO
Certified Performance Coach/Family Coach
NLP Practitioner and Trainer
Raw, Living Foods Chef and Instructor
Yoga Instructor

I am a natural coach and motivator. When I  speak you will hear how passionate I am about my life’s purpose to guide all who cross my path to achieve their highest potential.

Working with families, individuals and groups allows me the ability to do just that. I am straight-forward and honest, yet tactful in asking the questions that allow the opening up of true understanding to create life-changing results for my clients.

As a single parent, I began experiencing problems with my adolescent son. Understanding that the changes required for him were to be made earlier rather than later, I did not hesitate to place him in a behavioral boarding school. “You train a tree when it’s a plant, not when it’s a tree.”  That was one of the many things my grandmother told me as a child that as an adult has shaped so many choices I’ve made for myself and my family.

While my son was at the school, I became fascinated with what was being taught to the children and their parents and decided I wanted to learn and share the information with others. I enrolled in a Coaching Academy called Resource Realizations in Arizona. While working as a Federal Defense Investigator in New York State and traveling to the Caribbean where my son was in school, I commuted to Resource Realizations to attend the courses and learned to become the dynamic Coach I am today. I applied my new-found skills in working with my son, his father and step-father – to create a healthy working family.

I am very conscious of my health and am grounded in my value of life. I am active in yoga practice, work out at the gym, play the Harp, eat an organic raw diet and work full-time as a Coach. I have acknowledged the irony that the painful challenge of my son’s behavioral problems was in the end: a gift. It forced me to aggressively address the issue, which both pointed me to discover and gave me the freedom to live my life’s purpose: assisting others in creating their goals, achieving and living them, as I am.

Despite all that I have accomplished, I will tell you that I am a work in progress. We each choose how we will be, what we do and what we have. “Not choosing” is still choosing. It’s knowing we have these choices and making them consciously and consistently that creates powerful lives.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” - Gandhi