Coaching Families

With the increasing stress upon the family structure in our radically changed and changing world, how do we keep our families together? Are we keeping our families together?

There was a time when as parents we taught our children behaviors and values that they took outside the home into the community. Now our children come home and we have to wonder: “Where did they learn that from?" We are now seeing outside influences coming into the home. How do parents deal with this and the many other issues that surface within the family? Our children are exposed to so much at a much earlier age so we need to assist them in making choices.

At Calabash Coaching we believe that the foundation of a healthy family is first: VALUES!

When  a family is grounded in values, every choice is made from within that "values" frame. At CC we work with all the family members in the household, addressing the dynamics and assisting the family to be open and authentic with self and each other to create win-win situations and outcomes.


“With self discovery and self-empowerment we can absolutely navigate to our purpose and goals.”

We can assist you with:

How to create appropriate family values.
How to achieve a win-win outcome.
How to deal with teenagers with confrontational attitudes.
Create a healthy family as a single parent.
Blending two families into one healthy family.
Move from a "ME" position to a "WE" position.
Assist grandparents to successfully raise grandchild/ren.

and much more.

By identifying what is working and not working, establishing what you, as a family want as a family, by making agreements, being accountable, standing in integrity, creating fun for and with the family and much more— your family can begin to build a foundation based on principles and values which will begin to evolve toward your desired intention and outcome.

Our happiest times and our saddest times are among our family. We think we want to change it when it is off track and "dysfunctional". Once we understand that we have no control over anyone but ourselves, we can create a healthier family future by first looking at our own actions, beliefs and assumptions. By making the necessary shifts within ourself, we are able to provide the opportunity for transformation for our loved ones and healing of our relationships.