Coaching for Individuals

Creating and living an extraordinary life is available to everyone, not just a privileged few. We all have the ability to create whatever we have the courage to truly desire.

A Calabash Coach will partner with you to develop strategies to assist you in unlocking your true potential to achieve your long-term visions and goals. We do this by helping you find your own path to lead you to successful results.

But, as is the case with most people, you may not have a clear vision of what you want. We will work with you to peel away the layers of self-limiting beliefs that have up until now prevented you from believing in yourself enough to step up to your purpose.

Unlock your courage and ability to:

Create new and better relationships
Change career or enhance the career you have now
Lose weight and establish a lasting healthy life-style
Build self-esteem
Find your ideal life partner
Create a low-stress way of life
Allow financial prosperity into your life
Renew the excitement of your marriage



Whatever the situation, when you are truly ready to create a difference in your life and achieve successful results — you will.

Life Coaching can change your life. When you change the way you think, you then will change the things you do. You have the power of choice.

A Coach will help identify the interference in your life that holds you back and assist you in removing them, allowing you to attain balance in all areas in your life by creating purpose and well-formed outcomes.

A Coach will guide you to identify your self-limiting beliefs and challenge you to shift your perceptions. Coaching will help you gain an accurate awareness of your self-sabotaging thoughts and habits that will empower you to make conscious choices to open new possibilities.



“With  self-discovery and self-empowerment, we can absolutely navigate to our purpose and goals.”