Beginners Yoga

Beginners Yoga is generally for 1st timers. Come and join us and learn the fundamentals! Start out and have fun learning the basic movements and positions of alignment. You will learn things like What is Yoga? How to breath. Working from the inside out..

Intermediate and Advanced Yoga

Students who have a steady, regular practice will want to attend this exciting class. Come flow with the teacher’s instructions. Enjoying the shifts and twists of a Vinyasa Flow! More – Students who wish to up their practice and create a fun new challenge for themselves! For the advanced student “Say no More”! Its all a process, from Plough to Crane pose and from the One Leg Shoulder Stand to Side Splits. It’s just practice.

Gentle Yoga

Need to Relax? Take your Time? Then this is for you! Open the joints slowly and leisurely. Using Bolsters, Eye Pillows and many other supporting tools to get you where you need to be. Call today and get started at Calabash!

Chair Yoga and Seniors Yoga

Chair yoga is participated by seniors but you don’t necessary have to be a senior to participate.  Some students may have suffered an injury that requires them to sit. Or, others may have difficulty getting up and down from the floor, or standing for long periods of time. Modifying the poses, adopting them to a sitting position, we get to utilize the asanas with our breath to accomplish a thorough yoga practice, forging together body, mind and spirit. Way to go!

Calabash Yoga is excited to offer Private Classes to individuals and Couples Yoga. Call or send an email for further information. Come and experience the awesomeness of Yoga. Namaste!

Pre-Spring and Spring Classes are available NOW!