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If you are looking for information on Raw foods, you’ve come to the right place.

CRC staff is available to provide in home Family and/or Group Workshops to those who want to learn how to prepare simple delicious “raw” meals including soups and desserts. If you’re in the Westchester or Connecticut areas and interested in the above, please give us a call and let’s work together to get you on or increase your healthful path to a good long life.

We also offer catering for events. We will work with you to create a menu that will best suit the occasion.

Gain these benefits and more when EATING A DIET OF RAW FOODS:

1)   Weight maintenance

2)   Increased energy

3)   Slow down the aging process

4)   Improved digestion

Please Know this! Raw food isn’t a new concept, we all know it’s healthy to eat fresh fruits and veggies daily so, a raw food diet just suggests that these food be most of what we eat.  When we prepare fruits, vegetables and other natural ingredients without cooking or processing, we preserve the maximum nutrients in these foods. And once you know how, you can save time and create some of the most delicious meals. 

To eat a “Raw” diet means to eat foods in its natural raw state. Foods that is unprocessed, unrefined and untreated with heat.  There are some healthful cooked foods such as whole grains and beans that are consumed by some.


get-attachment.aspxWhere do you get your Protein?

A question posed to many raw foodies many times. The body does not require that much protein, although a diet high in protein is consumed by many, more than the recommended daily allowance. It is also a misconception that protein is only found in animal products. Protein is found in all natural foods. Green leafy veggies are particularly high in protein.

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Let’s create Healthy families, in my house and yours.

shutterstock_174361373Blessings of a good, long and healthy life to you and yours.


Chef Roxanne